“Dr. Pomerleau’s gem of a book should be required reading for any woman who wants to find her way to a permanent change of mindset about smoking. It lays the groundwork for successful smoking cessation through education, sound advice and positive support. Most importantly, this book shows us that indeed there is a life worth living after cigarettes, one that is achievable for each and every one of us. If you’re still smoking, pick up a copy of Cynthia’s book today, and start reading. It will change your mind, and from there…your life.”
Terry Martin, Guide Smoking Cessation

Life After Cigarettes…is an amazing little book that is packed with information. Pomerleau artfully draws upon many sources, including her own research and studies that were conducted at the Michigan Nicotine Research Laboratory, to explain theories about how women feel about weight gain and how women smokers can avoid excessive weight gain after they quit smoking–the central theme of the book….  This book is a thorough source of information and encouragement for women who are considering quitting smoking and for those who have already quit but are still fighting the battle. Readers will definitely become well-informed and self-empowered to maintain their weight and feel better as they cope with the negative effects of quitting smoking.”
Lucinda Price Lifestyle

“Smoking cessation has been the subject of many books, but few if any have addressed women’s special concerns so well. Highly recommended.”
Susan B. Hagloch
Library Journal

Reader testimonials
“This book is sensational!! I have never been happier to purchase a book that is so informative, has research to back its findings, and is written by a woman for women. It addresses our biggest fears about giving up that old friend cigarettes. I have recommended this book to many women who truly fear gaining weight and truly want to quit smoking. It is an invaluable resource for me.”
Deborah R.
Melbourne FL

“I found no fault in this book, easy and quick to read, full of the latest information, and packed with additional resources. I highly recommend Life after Cigarettes. “
Phyllis S.
Dallas, TX

Life After Cigarettes is an inspirational book about learning to take care of yourself with a primary focus on quitting smoking.  I am proud to say that I have made the choice to quit and even though I don’t smoke anymore, this book has encouraged me to reevaluate my own exercise and eating regimens.”
Raphaela F.
Ann Arbor, MI

Praise by health care professionals
“Finally a book that gets at the heart of one of the most serious obstacles for quitting among women!  Dr. Pomerleau knows her stuff after years of working with women smokers, and she shares the secrets to success in Life After Cigarettes.”
Karen K. Saules, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology, Eastern Michigan University

“It has been my experience that most of the “How to Quit” material is sadly lacking. This is not, however, true with Cynthia Pomerleau’s fine little book “Life After Cigarettes”….  Overall this is a wonderful asset for the woman who wants to quit smoking and contains enough good general material to be of help to a male reader as well. I would recommend this to any smoker and especially to the women who smoke.”
Paul McFarland, R.N.
Guy, AR

“Pomerleau has created a wonderful resource for women who want to quit smoking. It contains solid information, historical background, and focuses on weight gain and depression. The ‘quitting for good’ chapter has great details on medications and other strategies for quitting. Add this book to your ‘quitting arsenal’ if you struggle with the emotional aspects of quitting!”
Family Resource Center
Akron Children’s Hospital, Akron, OH

From the Foreword
“Life After Cigarettes
offers new hope for women – not by providing a series of one-size-fits-all, step-by-step instructions for quitting and for controlling weight, but rather by giving each woman tools to develop the confidence and life skills she will need to become and remain, in Dr. Pomerleau’s words, ‘A nonsmoker who feels good and looks great.’”
Scott Leischow, Ph.D.
Professor, Colleges of Medicine and Public Health, University of Arizona
Former Chief, Tobacco Control Research Branch, National Cancer Institute

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