Is Cessation-Related Weight Gain Temporary?

I recently blogged about the Rule of Thirds – the myth that only a third of smokers gain weight after quitting (with a third remaining the same and a third actually losing weight).  This would be nice if it were true but it simply is not.  The large majority of quitters gain weight.  Only a handful actually lose weight, and as I have suggested elsewhere, some of those who do may be suffering...

Food Addiction?

Take a naturally-occurring mildly addictive substance (there are many), then refine and redesign it so it’s more addictive – maybe much more addictive. There are lots of ways to do this.  You can combine it with other substances that enhance its addictive properties, you can modify the vehicle so that it’s easier to ingest or can be ingested via a route that reaches the brain...

The Skinny on Thin

A group of researchers at Brigham Young University recently reported on a study in which they exposed groups of men and women to pictures of obese same-sex individuals wearing swimsuits, and then instructed to imagine someone saying “your body looks like hers/his.” Participants were selected for being slim and having no history of eating disorders.  Imaging techniques were used to...

Dr. Jean Kilbourne: An Appreciation

Today’s blog post honors Dr. Jean Kilbourne and her work in publicizing the effects of advertising on women and girls.  Over the course of her long career as an author, public speaker, media critic, and documentary filmmaker, she has helped us all see what was hidden in plain sight – that Madison Avenue not only sells us consumer goods but, in her words, “changes the way we think and...

Smoking and Weight: What Big Tobacco Doesn’t Tell You

Some years ago, after I had given a talk to a group of psychologists on weight concerns as a barrier to quitting smoking, an attractive young woman from the audience approached me to say that in the South American country where she had grown up (I can’t remember which one it was), she had never heard that smoking suppresses weight.  Indeed, she hadn’t even put two and two together when she...
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