An Open Letter to Michelle Obama

Dear Michelle Obama, A New York Times article published on July 8 highlighted our national failure to reach “Healthy People 2010” goal of reducing high school smoking to 16%. The decline in smoking rates among high school students from 34.8% in 1995 to 21.9% in 2003 had led to earlier optimism that this trajectory would continue, but recently progress has stalled, with high school cigarette...

Dr. Jean Kilbourne: An Appreciation

Today’s blog post honors Dr. Jean Kilbourne and her work in publicizing the effects of advertising on women and girls.  Over the course of her long career as an author, public speaker, media critic, and documentary filmmaker, she has helped us all see what was hidden in plain sight – that Madison Avenue not only sells us consumer goods but, in her words, “changes the way we think and...
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