LAC_aboutImageCynthia S. Pomerleau has had a varied career characterized by a long-standing interest in women’s issues. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on autobiographies of English women in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries at the University of Pennsylvania and subsequently directed an Oral History Project on Women Physicians at the Medical College of Pennsylvania. Working in a medical school library piqued her interest in health research and led her to return to school for training in psychology and neuroscience.

From 1985 until her retirement in 2009, she worked in the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry as a research professor and as director of the Nicotine Research Laboratory, where much of her research focused on the impact of smoking on women (e.g., menstrual cycle effects, postcessation weight gain, depression). She is the author of more than a hundred articles and book chapters on smoking and a contributor to the 2001 Surgeon General’s Report on Women and Smoking. She continues her active involvement in writing and scientific investigation as research professor emerita.

Dr. Pomerleau lives in Ann Arbor and Empire, Michigan, with her husband and collaborator, Ovide Pomerleau, and their two cats, Tabasco and Marshmallow. They also have two grown daughters, Julie and Aimée, a son-in-law, Jeff, and two adorable grandchildren, Augie and Claudia.

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