Dr. Pomerleau’s book, Life After Cigarettes: Why Women Smoke AND How to Quit, Look Great, and Manage Your Weight. describes her approach in greater detail.

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You want to quit smoking BUT…

• you gained twenty or thirty pounds, maybe even more, the last time you tried to quit.
• it is nearly spring, and you can’t face trying on bathing suits if you gain even one more ounce.
• you fear your spouse’s or your partner’s put-downs, or even rejection, if you gain even a little weight.
• you became so depressed the last time that you stopped that you had to start smoking again after two days.

Or maybe you’ve already succeeded in giving up cigarettes, BUT…

• you can no longer squeeze into the clothes you used to wear.
• you avoid looking in the mirror while you’re dressing.
• you still think longingly of the days when you could just light up when you felt blue.
• you wish there were some way to go back and “get it right.”

Sound like something you might think?

Then think again… Dr. Cynthia S. Pomerleau has spent many years studying women smokers who are concerned about gaining weight. Based on her own findings at the University of Michigan and those of other researchers, she’s convinced quitting smoking doesn’t have to mean sacrificing all that’s fair and fine in your life. Life After Cigarettes, the approach described in her book, is about personal style, about regaining control of your life, about letting go of smoking and the comforts it provides by finding other ways to feel good about yourself and look terrific. Others have done it; so can you.

Cynthia S. Pomerleau, Ph.D., is currently research professor emerita in the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry. From 1985 to 2009 she served as director of the Nicotine Research Laboratory, where much of her research focused on the impact of smoking on women. She is the author of more than a hundred articles and book chapters on smoking and a contributor to the 2001 Surgeon General’s Report on Women and Smoking.

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